Most of the dances we perform are traditional English / Dorset with some Welsh and some we have created in a traditional style. Some of the dances will be well known to Jane Austen fans, as many can be seen in screen adeptations. Fans of Thomas Hardy will also recognise some of the dances. Here is a list of a list of some of the dances we commonly perform out, but we vary this list over the years. 

Dorset Broom Dance -  A solo dance, originally danced in pubs. 
Dargasson -  14th century, originally a couple dance, occasionally danced with hoop garlands.
Hoffedd - Welsh step dance.
Molly - Step dance done wearing clogs and holding hoop garlands 
St. Bartholomew's Arches - A variation on a Playford dance called Lady Winwood's Maggot, devised by Steps in Time to be done with ribbon garlands.
Plymouth Reel - Devon step dance.
Springhead Fancy - A dance for 6 people, choreographed by Peter Hood to a tune written by Nick Crump.
Shrewsbury Lasses - Playford dance. (as seen in the BBC's Pride & Prejudiced)
Wakefield - Playford dance into which has been incorporated a Welsh 'Round-O'. (seen in the 2005 Pride & Prejudiced film)
Dorset Four Hand Reel - Dorset pub dance, mentioned in a Thomas Hardy manuscript. 
Maypole (Lord of the dance) - Single plait with setting choreographed by Steps in Time. 
Maypole (Breton tune) - Barbers pole style plait.
Miss Silvie's Delight - Playford dance.
Newcastle - Playford square dance. 
Strip the willow - Traditional fun longways dance. 
Cumberland Square - Playford square dance. 
Sellengers Round - Traditional circle dance.
Shaftesbury Abbey 
 - A medieval style dance choreographed by Steps in Time and Nick Crump to a tune by Nick Crump written for the re-consecration of Shaftesbury Abbey.
Marabel's Ribbons - Dance for 4 people devised by Dorset Triumph in honour of Marabel Gardiner. 
Iwerne Reel - 4 person reel dance choreographed by Steps in Time. 
Ashmore Square - Simplified version of Iwerne Reel choreographed by Steps in Time.
Fontmell Lines - 6 or 8 person stately longways dance choreographed by Steps in Time.
Jenny Pluck Pears - Playford circle dance.
Mr Beveridge Maggot - Playford longways dance.
The Geud Man of Ballangigh - Playford longways dance.